Welcome to Army Public School : Kolkata

Our Mission

We believe that our children are the future of not only our country but of the world. We, therefore, aspire to become a model school which promotes moral, physical, creative, emotional and academic excellence through a broad balanced and relevant educational system in a secular environment. We would achieve this by teaching our children to learn, to think, to understand and to adapt to our ever-changing environment. We would enable them to develop their abilities to the full potential and help them to realize their dreams within the wider community. As a school we would provide them with the right to tools to grow into mature adults, through our qualified human resources, our excellent environment and the democratic participation of the school’s parent community and other stakeholders.
In order to face the challenges of the global village our students would be stepping out into, the school intends to empower each child, right from the beginning of their student career, with the power of technology and fluent communication skills in the international language, English. Vocational courses, occupational therapy courses and exchange programmes with other schools across the world will ensure that each student is well-equipped to cope with the future. As a responsible educational institution, Army Public School Kolkata would also tap alternative energy sources to meet energy requirements of the school.